When a client consulted with me about an uncomfortably enlarged and painful Bartholin gland cyst she asked if I could formulate a blend for her to eliminate the cyst. She mentioned that she had previously been bothered by Barholin gland cysts, but none of them had gotten as enlarged and painful as this one. As an aromatherapy consultant I am frequently asked to custom formulate blends to use as an alternative treatment. So, I formulated a blend for her and gave her simple instructions for how to use the essential oil blend. 

Within three days I heard back from my client that the cyst was completely gone! The last time we spoke she told me she has never been bothered with a Bartholin gland cyst since her essential oil treatment which has now been more than five years ago.

100s of women have now used the Bartholin cyst formula successfully to eliminate a Bartholin gland cyst.

What you will learn in this book:

What exactly is a Bartholin gland cyst?
Why a Bartholin gland gets blocked?
Bartholin gland cyst symptoms
Key essential oils in Bartholin cyst formula
Why these key essential oils are so effective for a Bartholin gland cyst?
Instructions for using essential oils for a Bartholin gland cyst
Additional Instructions